Insolar collaborates on Blockchain Energy and Food Projects

 Enterprise blockchain platform Insolar implements breakthrough research initiatives with ETH Zurich and York University to bring some of blockchain’s most promising industrial use cases to fruition. These partnerships will be executed by Insolar Research, a subsidiary supergroup of 10 renowned blockchain and cryptocurrency/distributed technology experts across North America, Europe, and Asia.

 “From smart grids to electric vehicle economies to supply chain provenance, Insolar Research continues to operate on the cutting edge,” says Insolar Research co-director Prof. Henry Kim. “We are planting the seeds of a blockchain-powered future.” Collaborations include: 

  • Optimizing energy efficiency in commercial and industrial applications using smart contracts and smart grids. Currently, these applications require an enormous amount of energy to operate, leading to high costs, large carbon footprints, and critical vulnerability from power outages. This project is directed by Prof. Evangelos Pournaras, Chair of the Computational Social Science department at ETH Zurich. 
  • A smart charging management platform for electric vehicles that allows seamless energy transactions between electric vehicle owners, charging infrastructure owners, and grid operators. This project is directed by Prof. Shivam Saxena, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at York University, Toronto. 
  • Ensuring supply chain provenance and food safety using blockchain immutability and smart contracts. It also provides recommendations for the UN/CEFACT on how they can best adopt blockchain technology. This project is directed by Prof. Henry Kim, co-director of York University’s Blockchain Lab. 

Additionally, for Q1 and Q2 of 2019, Insolar Research has begun collaborations with a major university in Korea and several blockchain centers throughout the EU, which will be announced shortly. These partnerships will touch on research areas including: advanced cryptography, smart contract programming, distributed heterogeneous systems, virtualization, industrial IoT, transactive energy frameworks, supply chain provenance, enterprise blockchain, tokenomics, and policy.

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