Smart Valor Token Sale to continue until June 2019

Smart Valor Token Sale to continue until June 2019

SMART VALOR is one of the first security token exchanges for alternative investments operating out of Switzerland. With a mission to deploy blockchain technology to securitize alternative investments Smart Valor is launching its public sale of its tokens after three private rounds of funding.

SMART VALOR will tokenize assets to create a more liquid and accessible direct market for shares in exciting early-stage companies, tech-oriented venture capital funds, real estate and other assets. Smart Valor began its operations in 2017 in the Thomson Reuters incubator in Swiss Crypto Valley. The Smart Valor platform is now ready for launch with a fully functional exchange.

Smart Valor has already received as well regulatory approval in Switzerland as Financial Intermediary and has registered its crypto-fiat exchange in neighboring Liechtenstein.

In 2019 SMART VALOR will launch its platform with initial listings of cryptocurrencies as well as payment and utility tokens. The spectrum of tokens traded on the platform will be extended to include security tokens upon receiving the banking license for which the company has applied for in October. The pipeline of tokenized security offerings includes venture capital funds, real estate and early-stage tech companies. Some announcements have already been made, such as an upcoming tokenized VC fund — SpaceFund.

According to Smart Valor website the size of the tokenized assets will dwarf the crypto market cap. The World Economic Forum estimates that 10% of global GDP, some USD 14–16 trillion of assets, will be stored on the blockchain by 2027.

The public sale of VALOR on the SMART VALOR platform started on 27th December and will run through June 2019, followed by listing and start of trading.

Source: Smart Valor

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