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Inxeption isues two blockchain secured tokens

Inxeption Corporation, a blockchain for business will be issuing two blockchain-secured tokens designed to help its customers remove costs and friction when using the Inxeption e-commerce platform. The tokens also will help all members of the “Inxeption Business Community” or IBC, create and power unique collaborations and marketplaces with unprecedented security and synergies.

Inxeption tokens will be used on its platform by Inxeption’s own customers in a far more flexible, self-directed, and secure way. “The only way many B2B companies are going to succeed is to remove non-essential costs and intermediaries from their value chain,” explains Inxeption CEO Farzad Dibachi. “In every aspect of their businesses, from sourcing materials to logistics to payment, we see companies looking for ways to step outside traditional channels, and even existing marketplaces like Amazon, to reduce costs and transaction friction. Inxeption customers can earn and use tokens to pay us, but they also can use the same tokens on our platform to create their own loyalty programs for their customers and partners. The best thing is you can use our tokens but set your own values and remain in control of your data and your customers.”

More than 150 B2B customers are currently using Inxeption’s blockchain powered platform for one-stop access to industrial strength e-commerce. Whether a company is a global enterprise looking for a more integrated product ledger, or a small to medium-sized product or service company, the Inxeption platform delivers full e-commerce capabilities. The platform offers a superior ordering experience for a B2B customer’s customers; it also provides search-based ad word marketing, and integrated visibility into manufacturing, material sourcing, logistics, and customer service. The Inxeption platform puts products and services at the center of a company’s data management—and as part of the IBC, companies now will gain new opportunities.

“An exciting new option within the IBC is that companies can partner and form one or many marketplaces,” explains Dibachi. For example, companies in the specialty food arena might create a temporary marketplace based on an upcoming holiday theme and offer consumers food ingredients, cookware, serving dishes, and décor, all presented on an Inxeption platform that manages the transactions, shipping, and payments. When the holiday is over, the marketplace might reboot for the next holiday, or create an entirely new marketplace, reshuffling partners and products and promoting new themes like farm-to-table or menus built around premier steaks or fresh lobster.

Blockchain provides the Inxeption platform with security validation, and that also enables new forms of collaboration and marketplaces. For example, when an IBC member puts product definitions in the secure Product Ledger, the company can selectively and easily share data like pricing history or provenance of materials with its customers and with any partner within the IBC. Or, a manufacturer can use the Inxeption platform to share existing inventory logistics with a shipper to determine the most cost-effective drop shipment plan.

“As the IBC expands, tokens unlock many new benefits and possibilities,” said Dibachi. “There is a lot of noise and hype around tokens and cryptocurrency these days, but the concept of using tokens in business is not new. It’s a proven marketing tool.” For decades, frequent flier programs have represented one of the most common token programs, allowing individuals to earn, buy, and gift “miles” for flights, upgrades, privileges, and even products. Mileage programs are proven to encourage brand loyalty. But in these programs what often annoys participants is that the value of the token changes unpredictably because the airline makes the rules and changes the reward levels as it sees fit.

Inxeption is announcing the immediate release of its first two tokens, called Momentum (PMV) and Work (WFD), respectively, to help facilitate transactions on Inxeption platforms. Momentum tokens are security tokens that are offered to accredited investors through a private placement memorandum. Work tokens will be issued to Inxeption customers and initially will be used on the platform to ‘pay’ Inxeption for transaction costs, shipping, and higher-level product support, for example. But the tokens will also used for transactions between Inxeption customers. Eventually, Momentum tokens may be exchanged for Work tokens.

Inxeption’s Work tokens will become an alternative currency for the Inxeption platform and B2B reward program in all these settings. For example, in addition to being used to pay Inxeption for shipping costs or enhanced support, a ledger of Work tokens earned can also serve as a qualifying designation for access to special Inxeption-sponsored conferences or unique services offered by Inxeption.

IBC members will determine the Work tokens’ value based on their own value propositions, needs, and offerings. Inxeption provides the platform and the ecosystem to reduce frictions (by cutting out the need to use purchase orders, faxes, money transfers, etc.) but we also hope the currency will help support innovation, flexibility, and cohesion throughout the IBC, says Dibachi. He adds: “Thanks to Blockchain Inxeption can keep track of all the different ways that tokens are earned and spent without actually being privy to the details of the transaction.

“We are at the early stages of a revolution in alternative monetary platforms. Some of the uses aren’t going to materialize for years. But today, Inxeption customers are leveraging the security and efficiency of Blockchain technology for B2B success in e-commerce, and Inxeption will create secure tokens to help all B2B customers on its platform utilize e-commerce in incredible new ways.”

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