Kinetic Consulting Services and RedFOX Labs to Accelerate Blockchain to MENA

 A new joint-venture aims to accelerate blockchain adoption in the UAE and MENA region

Kinetic Consulting Services, the leading boutique consulting company helping organisations perform better in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, announced today it would combine forces with blockchain venture builder, RedFOX Labs of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, to bring end-to-end blockchain business solutions to the UAE and MENA region.

RedFOX Labs is a blockchain based tech company that identifies and builds proven business models for the emerging markets of Southeast Asia and now the MENA region. They create innovative and scalable solutions to unlock the true market potential on the Komodo Platform, as they aim to create market-leading companies in the e-commerce, e-media, e-travel and transport and logistics.

“Blockchain technology is a hot topic in the MENA region,” said Joe Tawfik, CEO and Founder of Kinetic Consulting Services. “As a strategic partner of the recently launched Government Experience portal we felt it was time to support the growing demand we have seen for blockchain services. The UAE government continues to support startups that have solutions to enhance citizen/customer happiness. We know that many of these startups are using blockchain to provide new value-creating solutions. By partnering with RedFOX Labs, we will have access to not only amazing technology but an opportunity to provide a more consultative process to blockchain integration and solutions. Both parties are excited and committed to accelerating the adoption of blockchain in the MENA region and this JV allows us to achieve our goal.”

RedFOX Labs has started designing its first few lead projects and is busy setting up their base in Vietnam, to tackle the bustling and emerging markets of the Southeast Asia region. Lead by an experienced team of Australian C-Level executives, with global experience in disruptive tech and blockchain, RedFOX Labs is sure to be a hit as they determine which large-scale businesses and industries can be enhanced, by the introduction of blockchain technology.

RedFOX Labs will now look to begin their collaboration with Kinetic Consulting Services as early as this month as they commence their seed round raise and begin to ramp up operations.



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