LiquidD Blockchain Deploys LucidPay at Caesars Bluewaters Hotel

LiquidD Blockchain Deploys LucidPay at Caesars Bluewaters Hotel

LucidPay version 2, a blockchain settlement system for hospitality and Tourism industry , developed by Liquid D has been deployed at the new Caesars Bluewaters Hotel in Dubai UAE. The latest implementation makes it the second hotel in the world to integrate Lucidpay Blockchain functionality into its system after Atlantis Hotel deployment of LucidPay in June 2018.

 The LucidPay (version 2.0) smart platform, is integrated to streamline the staff allowances & discounts within the resort in an efficient, secure and effortless manner. The platform uses smart wallets and smart contracts which allow the hotel to pre-define terms and conditions to each employee’s wallet, enabling personalized stress-free and frictionless transactions across the resort’s F&B and entertainment outlets.

 Liquid D founder Jawad Riachi said: “We are happy that our clients value the platform and realize its potential in terms of functionality, speed, effectiveness and return on investment. We continue to focus on ensuring that our product is easy to use and implement, with a convenient learning curve and minimal intrusion. We have added many new features to version 2.0 to add flexibility, power and deeper integration into the existing hotel systems.” 

Jejin Joseph, Head of IT Infrastructure, at Caesars Bluewaters Hotel stated, “Lucid Pay was the right choice due to its seamless integration with Simphony and Opera. No additional hardware was needed. It is very easy to setup and use and requires minimal training for the existing staff. As a Blockchain based solution it provides us with a transparent, tamper free, immutable ledger for our employees’ allowance and discount program. The back-office automation provided by LucidPay removes the burden of repetitive tasks from the finance team”.


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