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Waves Smart Contracts now on Microsoft Azure

Waves has announced that is has integrated with Microsoft Azure, making its Smart Asset and Smart Account functionality available to developers on the cloud platform.

Waves’ smart accounts and smart assets are now available to developers on Azure Marketplace in a special extension for Visual Studio Code, which simplifies the process of creating and operating smart contracts. 

Two new virtual machine templates in Azure can be used for setting up new options on a public or private blockchain. 

‘Unlike other similar solutions, non-Turing complete smart contracts from Waves offer increased security and protection from vulnerabilities due to the option of restricting functionality to avoid undesirable use’, comments Sasha Ivanov, Founder and CEO of Waves Platform. 

‘A special extension for Microsoft Visual Studio Code editor will simplify the process of writing smart contracts for developers, allowing them to work in complete integration with Microsoft Azure cloud,’ he continues. ‘I am confident that users will hugely appreciate the variety of opportunities and possibilities this opens up for them!’ 

‘We believe that supporting open-source platforms and facilitating the widespread availability of contemporary technological tools for the developer community is very important,’ says Konstantin Goldstein, Microsoft Russia’s principal technical evangelist.

‘Waves is one of world’s leading blockchain platforms, which contributes substantially to the development of an ecosystem for global decentralised solutions, and we are glad to support the company in its development,’ he adds.

 The functionality of Waves’ smart accounts and smart assets can be applied in a variety of use cases, including supply chain management, verification of documentation, organization of internal transactions, filing accounting reports and game development.

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