ODEM Partners with ITWORX Education to Explore Blockchain Opportunities

ODEM, creator of the On-Demand Education Marketplace, is pleased to announce a partnership with ITWORX Education, an international market leader in innovative academic and corporate learning software solutions, to explore opportunities to jointly develop leading-edge blockchain-based services.

Under the partnership, the technology companies will work to establish ODEM as a blockchain-services provider for ITWORX Education’s learning products, said ODEM CEO Richard Maaghul. The precise scope and breadth of the partnership will be determined during the next few months.

“I’m delighted to work in a collaborative relationship with ITWORX Education to explore the potential of blockchain technology,” said Maaghul. “There’s no limit to what we can achieve within ODEM’s mission to make education more accessible, affordable, transferable, and verifiable.”

ODEM is developing its ODEM Platform on the Ethereum Blockchain to address significant challenges facing students and educators around the world. The Platform specifically empowers students to customize their education through interaction with educators. Its official rollout is scheduled for the first quarter of 2019.

“At ITWORX Education we value partners as if they were our own company and we are truly excited about our upcoming partnership with ODEM,” said ITWORX Education CEO Erik Goldenberg. “While we are still discussing the outlines of the collaboration between ITWORX Education and ODEM, we are keen to incorporate blockchain technologies into our offerings, products and services to benefit our users and enable better learning experiences for academic, business and governments in the region, generating economic and social value for individuals, organizations and all up national levels.”

ITWORX Education is on a journey to disrupt traditional learning around the world through the power of technological innovation. In line with its mission to transform the learning and education industry by making learning more accessible to those who seek it, ITWORX Education supports lifelong learning through innovative solutions at the core of the industry’s value chain, driving learning outcomes and offering a digitally transformed experience to all citizens of the world.

With more than fourteen years of expertise in education-and-learning solutions, ITWORX Education has specialized in innovating solutions that can scale from nation-wide implementations deep down to class level; with deployment success stories in over 1,400 schools. Applying its experience, the company enables education authorities, private and public schools, academies, and colleges to achieve their learning visions effectively and efficiently through technology.

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