CoinNess Unveils its Platform Token – CNNS

CoinNess, Asia’s largest blockchain/crypto information provider, will roll out its token later this month and already started a series of airdrop events. The recent CNNS airdrop on Telegram was a tremendous success and attracted support from numerous exchanges and blockchain projects. Within two weeks, over 150,000 enthusiasts partook in the monumental airdrop. Such an outstanding achievement is remarkable considering the crypto bear market has yet to turn bull.

What is CNNS? We recently caught up with CoinNess CEO, Peter Tan, to learn more about the CNNS token.

“This community event is just a warm-up leading to the official launch of our token, which will be integrated into the CoinNess app next month. CNNS is what we call a native ‘token’ of our CoinNess ecosystem. With CNNS, users do not only get access to exclusive investment information of the blockchain and cryptocurrency spheres, but also become a participator and contributor to the entire ecosystem.”

Tan explained, “We connect over 600 projects, crypto exchanges, KOLs, and entrepreneurs. We plan to provide in-depth market analyses and customized information flows to facilitate better-informed trading decisions. Each and every of the aforementioned functions and resources will be powered by CNNS. So, CNNS serves to bring true value to our users.”

With the prolonged crypto bear market, the launch of the CNNS has successfully circumvented skepticism surrounding the crypto industry. Many players within the industry distrust blockchain media platforms. However, CoinNess is not a blockchain media platform. Peter Tan explains, “Since its inception, we have been committed to serving blockchain investors. Current news affecting fundamentals and blockchain investments are a small percentage of our coverage. In fact, 60% of our employees are techies. Letting technology power crypto trading is our way of doing things.”

CoinNess has registered more than 3 million users in the world. All users will be rewarded with CNNS airdrops, giveaways, and opportunities to attend CoinNess sponsored events. With a strong community, CoinNess has exceeded 90% of the digital currencies on the global stage. In addition, the usage scenarios of CNNS are expected to boost more liquidity with the participation of other industrial entities swarming in. With such a large user base and multitudes of use cases, the price of the CNNS token is expected to appreciate over time.


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