Saudi Customs Connects to TradeLens Maersk Blockchain Platform

On December 26th Saudi Customs announced along with Tabadul that it has connected to TradeLens, Maersk , IBM  Blockchain Platform.  Saudi Customs has connected its Fasih platform to Tradelens to improve and better secure its maritime shipping operations. This step is a culmination of efforts carried out by Saudi Customs, IBM  and Maersk to build on the efforts being carried out by Saudi Customs as this will increase operational efficiencies and simplify processes in customs. This will especially improve operations in export import and related services.

By connecting Fasih to Tradelens, this will ensure that the entire supply chain of shipments will be on the blockchain from the country of origin until it reaches the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ensuring  a detailed follow up in every single step of the journey including adherence to the laws and regulations

This move comes in line with the Saudi Customs strategic objectives. According to H.E. Ahmad bin Abdulaziz Al-Hakbani Governor of Saudi Customs, “this move is in line with our strategy and KSA’s 2030 vision to ensure that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be a global logistics’ hub through ease of trade, customer centricity, and securing our border while enhancing the knowledge base of our society.”

H.E. added, “The implementation of Blockchain is an indication of our commitment to the Kingdom’s 2030 vision, one of its main objectives being economic diversification and non-oil revenues, as well as attracting foreign investment through innovation and digitization efforts across various governmental entities.”

He emphasized that Saudi Customs was a trail blazer in the implementation of blockchain in the region. This will enhance KSA’s scoring what it comes to custom and global logistic services. He explained, “Saudi Customs is keen to implement the latest technologies that will simplify the custom services and offer global standards. By integrating Fasih network with Tradelens this is a positive step in developing our offering.”

Mr. Tariq Rizk Al Ayoun, IBM Manager in KSA, stated, “We are pleased that Saudi Customs is adopting blockchain in its operations, as it is an important technologies because it creates a secure database platform and by integrating with TradeLens KSA is changing the maritime shipping not only in KSA but across the region making it faster, more transparent with optimized operations.”

Mohammed Chehab, Maersk regional Manager, stated, “ We are very proud of the achievements we have made using blockchain to improve maritime operations using Tradelens as well as Saudi Custom’s adoption of this platform where we hope to work hand in hand to leapfrog using latest technologies.

Saudi Customs plans to onboard more entities onto the platform and develop the ecosystem further.

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