AGATE Partners with Geelus; World #1 POS for Dry Cleaning and Clothing Industry

Today is another historic and fruitful day for Agate as we are one step closer in making crypto adoption in everyday life a reality and making crypto as a method of payment for everyone. We are very excited to announce that today Agate signed a strategic partnership with Geelus Point of Sale (POS).

This agreement will enable over 2000 merchants to accept cryptocurrency globally without the price volatility risk of cryptocurrency. Geelus is the world’s number 1 POS SaaS system for dry cleaning, laundry, clothing alterations and tailors. Geelus is the complete cloud-based point-of-sales and store management software which can be used on any Internet connected device ranging from PCs and Macs to iPhones and smart TVs. It also includes CRM and Marketing functions like email and SMS marketing.

Agate is the world’s most comprehensive decentralized blockchain platform for instant payment without volatility risk that will allow merchants to accept any of major cryptocurrencies without worrying about volatility and transaction speeds. It does that in very simple steps and similar to traditional payments platforms and even allows merchants and retailers to receive the funds in their local currencies.

Once Agate switch to main-net, all merchants can enable it as an extra method of payment and all Agate’s users can pay with Agate user app directly in-store or online. Geelus currently has over 10,000 users using it on over 2,000 locations in several countries, however their main customer base in US and then Australia.

On the day of agreement with Agate, Geelus CEO mentioned “We always had a substantial interest from our merchants to receive cryptocurrency as a method of payment however volatility and transaction speed were the main obstacle for them and by resolving these issues and providing a very simple and solid platform through Agate, it will provide an opportunity to all our merchants and retailers to accept major cryptocurrencies as an extra method of payment from their customers and I hope to see the crypto mainstreaming in near future.”

Agate CEO also mentioned “Our mission in Agate is to create a simple and secure payment platform for merchant and users to mainstream crypro adoption and we are glad that well-known software companies like Geelus are adopting our payment platform and helping us in achieving this shift and keeping AGATE on track for mass adoption by masses.”


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