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Project Verte: Unlocking the Potential of Community and Technology in Ecommerce

Project Verte, the world’s first social ecommerce platform built on blockchain, announced that Jane Gol and Amir Chaluts led a $50 million investment to further fuel the company’s development and rollout. With a mission of bringing greater transparency and wider participation into ecommerce, Project Verte will unveil a series of community-powered technologies throughout 2019.

A Label Insight study reveals up to 94 percent of consumers are more likely to be loyal to a brand that offers transparency. Tapping into the inherent transparency and accessibility of blockchain, Project Verte advances the consumer desire for clear and ethical business practices.

“Retail keeps changing and we view this as an opportunity to shape the next generation of consumer-business relationships,” said Project Verte CEO and Co-Founder, Julian Kahlon. “Backed by powerhouse angel investors, Project Verte sees the potential for a global ecommerce community built upon intuitively designed and collaborative services, new technologies and clear communication.”

The initial round of angel investment is led by Jane Gol, President, and Amir Chaluts, CEO, both of real estate investment firm Continental Ventures. As a renowned real estate investment firm with an expanding asset base throughout the U.S. and Canada, Jane and Amir have a proven track record of identifying and fostering the next generation of businesses.

“Over the past 30 years, we have built our reputation and success by making bold business decisions and using our expertise to build the best possible projects that enhance the communities in which they are located,” said Jane Gol, President of Continental Ventures. “With Project Verte’s focus on building a sustainable, participatory, ecommerce ecosystem we are one step closer to improving the lives of the global community.”

With an international development team of 300, Project Verte is engineering an ecommerce ecosystem powered by user participation and community intelligence to help brands grow and improve customer experiences. Project Verte is assembling a carefully selected team of emerging businesses to help further its mission, starting with GreyOrange, the global leader in AI-powered robotics systems for flexible automation in distribution and fulfillment centers. In 2018, GreyOrange announced a record-breaking $140 million in Series C funding, with Project Verte serving as a lead investor.

Project Verte, headquartered in Atlanta, currently has an operational, fully automated, 750,000 square foot fulfillment center in Greater Atlanta with plans to expand to Dallas, Texas and other major cities nationally.


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