Naviadress Launches Sales of a Federal Container on Blockchain-based Auction

Naviaddress, the company which develops, markets and operates an address platform, launches sales of a federal container on blockchain-based auction to provide national partners with the opportunity to sell annual rentals of premium naviaddresses for fiat at a country-level.

The release of the option “to buy a federal container” is an important milestone of the roadmap in  building the leading location ID management platform to operate the storage and usage of unified digital IDs and establish the standard in human-machine interaction. Implementing user-friendly digital location identity contributes to the mass adoption of blockchain-based products and services for the benefits of common people in daily life.

“We’ve successfully tested the option of buying a federal container in Cyprus as we see the demand for annual rentals of Premium Naviaddresses in this region. Small and medium businesses opt  to use Premium Naviaddresses to differentiate their business profile online and improve better location search experience for their customers. The opportunity to market and sell a federal container  provides us with an opportunity to continue further dialog with State Postal Services and  large address holding businesses in express delivery and e-commerce. This is a clear sign that our  platform and technology company delivers on promises” – said Dmitry Moiseev, CEO of Naviaddress Platform.

Naviaddress patented technology allows to store relevant information in the digital ID – a couple of digits of Naviaddress combine a postal address, information about the business, detailed last-mile description and a webpage.

The Soft Launch of Premium Naviaddress Auction took place at the beginning of September, 2018 and was limited to 26 countries, where the early-adopters could have an opportunity to buy the first Premium Naviaddress. As a next step by the middle of December the Team plans to release a feature of linking a blockchain ID to a particular naviaddress data stored in the off-chain. 

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