Aion Joins Open Source Disclosure Registry

Messari, an open-source cryptocurrency-focused version of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR database, is launching a disclosure registry for token-issuing projects to publicly share information that might otherwise be difficult to find.

The Aion Network joins 11 other diverse, reputable projects all committed to transparency and self -regulation, in voluntarily disclosing basic information regarding our token design, supply details, technology audits, official communication channels, and relevant team members, investors, and advisors. These profiles can then be freely accessed industry-wide, providing a reliable, standardized resource to industry participants that is nonexistent today. Such basic data standards can facilitate diligence processes for crypto service providers like exchanges and wallets, retail and professional investors, and regulators alike.

The Messari registry was announced at CoinDesk’s Consensus event and with the launch token projects will finally have a common platform that helps them better communicate material updates with both their existing communities and external stakeholders in a single, standardized interface.

In its initial stages, the Messari team will on-board the projects themselves and facilitate disclosure accuracy. However, as the system grows the model will become a self-sustaining platform. Data on the registry will be publicly available, and Messari will even have an open API for free access to the disclosures.

“The purpose of documented blockchain transparency is to move our industry towards true accountability” said Matt Spoke co- founder Aion, “and we see this registry as an important step in this process”.

As the Aion Smart Contract Platform continues to onboard exciting new DApps and projects, it’s important for developers to know that Aion believes in being transparent, ethical and purposeful in engineering excellence and building the future we want.

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