Decentralized Career Platform Gooreo presents upcoming ICO for OREO Coin

With the help of the Gooreo platform, newly graduated students can find a job for their specific specialization while giving employers to find targeted potential employees for full-time or part-time positions. Nowadays, the entire recruiting process has become a hassle and a money sinkhole for both employers and employees.

Candidates must take the time and tailor a resume specifically for the job they are looking to apply for, and the employers must expend resources to verify the claimed certifications and consult with past employers to check the work history.

With Gooreo, these issues will be significantly diminished as the claims and certifications stored on the distributed ledger are trustworthy cutting the cost and the time it takes to hire someone.

Here’s how Gooreo plans to help both involved parties:


Companies using the Gooreo platform will be able to cut back significantly on their hiring costs, as with the help of OREO Coin and the ecosystem behind it, they will have access to an all-in-one recruitment solution that can certify the candidates’ credentials from certificates, diplomas and past work experiences. The certification authorities will be incentivized to vouch for all of their employees with OREO Coins thus maximizing the profit of all involved parties.

Students and Employees:

Regular users and job seekers can significantly benefit from the platform by having a tamper-proof system for storing their certificates and work-related achievements backed by blockchain technology. Incentives systems can also be implemented to accelerate the adoption of such a platform in the form of Oreo Coins; these tokens can be used for their utility on the platform or traded merely for their store of value. Needless to say that as Gooreo becomes more popular in the HR world so will the value of the Oreo Coins.


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