ODEM Partners with SWFT Blockchain for Token Integration

ODEM, creator of the On-Demand Education Marketplace, is pleased to announce the successful integration of ODEM Tokens on the SWFT Blockchain digital token swap platform.

Alignment with SWFT makes ODEM Tokens easily available to students, educators, and service providers on the ODEM Platform and among the wider cryptocurrency community. Through SWFT’s iOS and Android compatible mobile app, ETH, Bitcoin, and more than 70 other cryptocurrencies can be quickly and securely swapped for ODEM Tokens and vice versa, without having to log on to an exchange.

“We are delighted to work with SWFT and its easy-to-use mobile app,” says ODEM CEO Richard Maaghul. “Joining SWFT is a big deal if you care about ODEM Tokens getting into the hands of more people.”

ODEM is developing its Platform to deploy blockchain technology to dramatically improve the affordability, accessibility, verifiability, and transferability of international education experiences and academic credentials.

The ODEM Token is critical to the Platform’s operation. In addition to enabling access, it provides “fuel” for the Platform’s distributed application (DApp) and related smart contracts. The Token also serves as an incentive currency and secures educators’ and students’ commitment to academic programs through staking.

“We’re excited and honored to join forces with ODEM to accelerate educational reform by facilitating platformization for students, educators, and service providers,” says SWFT’s Chief Financial Officer Alex Witt. “We believe the partnership will help ODEM build awareness among our worldwide users.”

SWFT Blockchain’s cross-chain transfer algorithms increase the speed of cryptocurrency transactions while supporting advanced cloud storage solutions and decentralized crypto transfers, safeguarding users from theft. Using AI, deep learning, big data, and blockchain technology, SWFT reduces the cost of cryptocurrency exchanges significantly. Unlike expensive traditional methods, the SWFT exchange platform provides users with transparent low fees.

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