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du Telecom goes horizontal in its Blockchain Offering

du Telecom goes horizontal in its Blockchain Offering


du presents Blockchain document attestation case study for Education sector

UNLOCK met with Mr. Jihad Tayara, Vice President Business Development and Partnerships New Business Innovation, at du Telecom during GITEX. du had announced its partnership with ConsenSys to bring Ethereum cloud based platform onto the du network.

Tayara stated, “After one year of Blockchain, we announced our blockchain platform as a service offering (BPaaS) and this will become available during the first half of 2019. We are positioning ourselves as an enabler of the blockchain ecosystem in the UAE because we have what it takes, a datacenter, cloud service offering, connectivity and the know-how of handling big projects.”

du is building the platform with ConsenSys, we will be offering a self-service tool that will allow IT professional to create nodes, and the blockchain network. As Tayara explains, “this will allow IT professionals to focus on the use case at hand rather than the technology infrastructure, making it quicker and easier to deploy.”

However this does not mean that du will not work in vertical implementation when they can add value. du at GITEX was showcasing a document attestation use case on blockchain.

Tayara stated, “We are showcasing how we can infuse blockchain into current processes to help make the transaction paperless and anti-fraudulent. For example, when students who are going to study abroad issue certificates they need to get them stamped from the Ministry of Foreign affairs.

Today instead of getting a rubber stamp, they will get a QR code in a pdf document stamped on the blockchain with embedded security that student can send by email and the university receiving can then check authenticity via Ministry of Foreign affairs website or QR code using a mobile based application.”


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