eXo Wallet, a Blockchain-Based Digital Wallet for Enterprise

eXo Platform, an enterprise collaboration software vendor, announces the availability of its built-in digital wallet solution: eXo Wallet. This secure wallet is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology and allows any user of the eXo Platform solution to send and receive payments in any currency or utility token that follows the ERC20 format.

Ethereum is a global platform used for the execution of decentralized applications called “Smart Contracts”. These applications run within a global blockchain infrastructure, using secure protocols to represent assets and exchanges of value units called “tokens”. Tokens may represent property, virtual shares, proof of ownership or anything else whose allocations need to be tracked.

Blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies are rapidly disrupting many industries, such as banking, healthcare, real estate and utilities.

By providing each employee with a wallet holding tokens, eXo Platform aims to popularize the use of blockchain in companies. With the eXo Wallet, employees will be able to exchange tokens of all kinds directly between themselves or through shared wallets attached to collaborative spaces. These wallets may hold any cryptocurrency authorized by the company that is using eXo Wallet for its employees, including custom-made ones.

eXo Wallet is a free add-on module that, when installed, fully integrates with an eXo Platform installation. It is available today in its beta version and its code is open source.

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