ADSSSA identifies eight new end-to-end journeys under Abu Dhabi’s TAMM

Initiative in line with Abu Dhabi Government’s Accelerator Program ‘Tomorrow 21’

Workshop & interactive sessions on designing new journeys held with government entities

In line with Abu Dhabi’s Digital Transformation Program aimed at supporting the emirate’s efforts to build a sustainable knowledge economy, the Abu Dhabi Smart Solutions and Services Authority (ADSSSA) has identified eight new end-to-end journeys under the TAMM integrated platform to provide a range of services for citizens, residents and investors. The new integrated journey solutions offer services in capacity building, attracting talents, supporting social activities and the local community, and facilitating investments.

The announcement comes on the side lines of a workshop organized by ADSSSA with key officials and representatives from various government entities. The workshop is in line with the Authority’s continuing efforts to achieve the ‘One Government’ model in providing services in Abu Dhabi, encompassing all sectors including housing, education, health, entertainment, family, work and community participation, through a single digital platform and an integrated service center.

H.E. Dr. Rauda Al Saadi, Director General of ADSSSA, said: “ADSSSA continues its effort to provide efficient and simple government services to customers and government entities through an integrated service system that uses innovative digital technologies to provide easy, convenient and personalized services to customers and enhance Abu Dhabi’s position in technological and digital development. The new journeys reflect the role of Abu Dhabi Government to enhance its business environment and facilitate the lives of people and provide happiness, success, prosperity and protection for them in line with the objectives of Abu Dhabi Government Accelerator Program ‘Tomorrow 21’.

H.E. Dr Al Saadi emphasized that the Authority constantly works in cooperation with public and private entities for its digital transformation initiatives aimed at modernizing and developing the digital infrastructure in the emirate and enable government agencies to manage their institutional and developmental functions through innovative systems and legislations that contribute to raising the efficiency of government performance.

The new journeys within TAMM include the “Find and Secure a Job”, which facilitates the employment and Emiratization programs in line with the goals of ‘Tomorrow 21’ agenda. The journey is set to ease the job search process within the emirate and ensure the effective participation of citizens in the labour market and reduce unemployment rate in Abu Dhabi.

The second journey, ‘Get Education’, aims to save time and effort of parents by simplifying the process of applying and attending schools and improving the experience of customers by providing centralized educational services under one platform. The third journey, ‘Get Support’, looks to enhance the procedure for UAE families seeking social assistance and simplify the process of obtaining government support procedures for citizens.

The fourth journey ‘Get Married’, provides the essential platform to obtain all information related to marriage, streamlining the process which include pre-marriage procedures, marriage contract registration, marriage grant and marriage ceremony. The fifth journey is the ‘Honour the Dead, aimed at reducing the clearing process – from reporting of the death, investigation and documentation to inheritance procedures and completion of post-mortem procedures.

The sixth journey focuses on start-ups and small and medium enterprises aimed at driving growth for SMEs which are a strong foundation for the local economy. Through the ‘Start Your Business’, small businesses are guided in an easy journey from inquiring about the registration and licensing procedures, research and contract with business partners, registration in support programs for start-ups, establishment of the company and the hiring of employees and business.

The seventh journey, the ‘Register a Foreign Company’ simplifies the procedures for foreign companies and investors keen to set up business in Abu Dhabi and work with local partners. This journey is aimed at providing a comprehensive view of the processes and procedures for foreign investors in line with the emirate’s strategy to encourage knowledge transfer and development of new skills within the local labor market.

The eighth journey ‘Discover Abu Dhabi as a Business Destination’, provides a single platform for foreign investors to explore the business environment in Abu Dhabi on the range of future business development and programs in the emirate and help promote Abu Dhabi as an investment and commercial destination.

The Authority has recently launched three new digital channels that allow customers to access government services in an easy manner such as the digital portal, smart application and customer service centers. These channels are aimed at providing a convenient and smooth experience and specialized services for customers through a single access point. The customer-specialized digital wallet has been launched to provide a single reference to the customer here it can access relevant updates on service, journeys, payment, subscription and event status and is continuously updated as a single source and data security.

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