Spain’s city of Valencia to create a Smart Port with Blockchain tech

The city of Valencia in Spain has announced the creation of a smart port based on blockchain technology, according to the release published on the official website of Valencia’s port.

This announcement was made at the Dutch port of Rotterdam during the participation of the Port Authority of Valencia, Valenciaport, at the Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies Conference

Jose Garcia de la Guía, head of new technologies at the port of Valencia, presented the benefits of using the Blockchain technology as Valencia was just one of many ports to implement the tech in future: “Starting from Valencia, we offer to use blockchain as a strategic option to provide transparency of logistic chain, from end to end, going further than our port itself. That means we’re planning to apply cloud technologies not only with our partners from Port Community Systems but also with all others.”

He said that Blockchain will create a “port without papers”, as it can eliminate the need for paper documents in supply chain tracking, increase efficiency and reduce waste, time and maintenance costs.

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