Alena Vranova and Giacomo Zucco announced the establishment of The B Foundation

Serial entrepreneur and Satoshi Labs co-founder and CEO Alena Vranova and Director at BHB Network Giacomo Zucco announced the creation of a new foundation aimed at Bitcoin promotion, namely, The B Foundation, while speaking at the Baltic Honeybadger 2018 conference in Riga.

Baltic Honeybadger 2018 – one of the most highly acclaimed bitcoin conferences which took place in Riga on September 22-23 – saw Alena Vranova and Giacomo Zucco announcing the creation of The B Foundation.

The B Foundation will collect donations and investments from commercial Bitcoin-promotional projects, sponsor promising research and development in the field, and award scholarships and grants to Bitcoin Network developers.

Headed by Giacomo Zucco, the foundation will also provide consulting services to startups.

The announcement was closely followed by the official tweet, which disclosed the support from such big names in crypto as Adam Back (CEO Blockstream), Elizabeth Stark (CEO Lightning Labs), Max Keidun (CEO HodlHodl), Jameson Lopp (former BitGo engineer), Bryan Bishop (Bitcoin Core developer) and few others…

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