Leading Gaming Startup Prepares for Final Token Offering

After establishing a solid foundation of real-world usable technology, TriForce Tokens Ltd has proven capability to bring about real change to the industry. This was achieved by capitalizing on technology shortcomings identified within the games industry. As such, the company is having huge successes by securing partnerships with game studios and advertising agencies, all less than 12 months after launch. TriForce Tokens will be conducting its final public token offering one the 8th October, where it aims to raise its full funding requirement.  

Moving away from ERC20 tokens, the company is developing its own blockchain, protocol, and introducing their own hybrid consensus model. The PoP (Proof of Play) and PoS (Proof of Stake) hybrid, will provide those within the network the ability to verify transactions on the blockchain via their in-game activities. 

The project has also acquired part ownership of a games publisher, TheGameWall Studio allowing it direct access and full integration into all games within its network. Its latest MVP, Dynamic Advertising is already generating the projected revenue and has proven to be an effective strategy. 

In order to carry out its plans and further develop its technology and standalone blockchain, TriForce Tokens is now conducting its final token offering.

Final Token Round 

During this round TriForce Tokens aim to raise between $3,000,000 USD, (soft cap) and $12,000,000 USD (hard cap) in order to carry out its strategic five-year plan. Full details of the funding allocation can be found in the project’s updated whitepaper

Participants can purchase FORCE through a discounted rate for the duration of the token offering (8th October-11th November) that will decrease as the offering close date approaches.

TriForce Tokens has recently just announced the re-opening of its KYC/AML processes, which they have been working on and refining to ensure an easy and simple process. They estimate the KYC/AML checks and processes should take no longer than 3 minutes to complete. Anyone who is interested in participating in the TriForce Tokens final token offering is advised to ensure they complete these processes sooner rather than later, to secure their place on the whitelist. 

Latest Project News 

TriForce Tokens latest MVP, Dynamic Advertising is starting to gain great transaction with both games and brands. With 3 successful campaigns that have already run through the Dynamic Advertising Platform, many more are lining up including some hugely popular global brands. Game developers are also registering their interest, with a few agreements currently being worked on. 

TriForce Tokens is currently in the process of creating and growing its Influencer Pool, which it will utilize to help promote the games within its network. TriForce Tokens is currently working on developing its Discord bot to reward the streamers within the TriForce Tokens Influencer Pool for creating content around their games with $FORCE. With many streamers joined already, it is looking like a positive and beneficial move for the project. 

TriForce Tokens was also recently in the spotlight after winning the award for the most innovative use of blockchain in gaming and entertainment, at this year’s Blocks awards. 


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