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Even amateur blockchain investors can make it big with the help of CINDX

CINDX, the crypto asset management company, recently opened its ICO pre-sale and is introducing a multifunctional platform that allows anybody to invest in the crypto market while consistently earning returns. CINDX is humanizing blockchain investments, bringing successful trades to the average joe, with a security token.

Crypto investing is gaining traction but is still considered a risky financial move to make, many amateur crypto investors lose their money due to a lack of market expertise. With one bitcoin going for an upwards of 6,000 USD, investing is a big leap to take. Imagine having the ability to “hire” an expert trader, with a proven track record of trading success, prepared to turn even the most amateur crypto investor into a pro.  

CINDX allows blockchain investors to choose an expert trader to follow based on objective trading statistics recorded on the blockchain. The statistics include the trader’s performance history, investment risk level, type of cryptocurrency traded, and more. Investors follow the trading strategies of the traders, securely trading cryptocurrencies for a reasonable success fee.

CINDX synchronizes a trader’s account with an investor’s account using an API, allowing investors to follow the traders’ actions. A system automatically registers in the blockchain each trade and replicates it in the accounts of “linked” investors. There is no need to hand over funds to third parties.

CINDX is a regulated platform complying with Regulation S, as well as KYC and AML worldwide. CINDX complies with the Prospectus registration, Personal data protection and Issuance of non-depository security in the EU. CINDX holds an EU license for exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency, as well as a license for operating as a non-bank financial institution. With CINDX users can rest assured that the platform is a trustworthy, safe way to make crypto investments.

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