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Global Blockchain Assets’ XScrip™ Launched on Strength of Technology and Assets

Global Blockchain Assets, LLC (“GBA” or “Company”) ( has launched its global offering of a new asset-backed cryptocurrency called “Xscrip™ Smart Security Token”, or “XScrip™ Token”.

The Company, through its parent company, Blockchain Holdings, Inc., has economically backed the XScrip™ Token with hard assets and revenues associated with oil and gas, gold, blockchain and clean technologies. The oil and gas backing alone represents more than 1 billion barrels of oil secured through production agreements.

“The multiple hard assets and technology gives the XScrip™ Tokens significant economic backing and greater stability with the upside of asset appreciation and associated revenue,” says Alan Forbes, President and Co-Founder of Global Blockchain Assets. “Technology experts and digital traders are expected to be interested in the exceptional tools that are part of the XScrip™ Token asset base. Large institutions and family offices will find the asset appreciation and associated revenues attractive.”

The investment in patented and patent pending blockchain and clean technologies makes the Company a pioneer in the digital trading field. “The blockchain patented and patent pending technologies include future applications in the medical, insurance and science fields that can benefit from unbreakable security and encryption tools as well as the application of artificial intelligence to the blockchain community. The clean technologies, including patented geothermal fuel cell processes, can significantly reduce the lifting cost of oil while reducing environmental impact. The clean technologies have broad application in a number of industries beyond oil, such as mining, defense and emergency management,” says Forbes.

The new asset-backed digital security will be traded on the Ethereum blockchain and will provide a unique offering for all investors looking for the security of blockchain transactions and the appreciation of the underlying assets and associated revenue. XScripTokens will be available to both accredited US and non-US investors through a Blockchain Private Placement (“BPP”) in accordance with Regulation S and Regulation D, 506(c) Offerings. The BPP Pre -Sale is available on the Hub.Chat platform which can be accessed through the GBA website, The offering will utilize the proven Bancor Liquidity Protocol, which represents a major change in the way digital currency is offered.

”The Company will continue to build on the assets being offered over time to appeal to investors with interests in strategic commodities, blockchain and clean tech advancements. This ongoing effort will also solidify the long-term value of GBA’s XScrip™ Tokens,” said Forbes.


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