Hyperledger Fabric Based Metacoin Pre-sale to Launch on Aug 20

  • Hyperledger, a blockchain solution developed by a consortium including the Linux Foundation, IBM and Hitachi
  • Metacoin brings you superior scalability, interoperability and cost reduction

Team Inblock has announced the launch of Metacoin pre-sale, which will shape the future of blockchain ecosystem. The Metacoin pre-sale which begins from August 20th to 31st, is notable in that it adopts ‘Hyperledger Fabric’ that has only been used previously as a private blockchain platform.

Hyperledger Fabric is an open source blockchain solution that was hosted by the Linux Foundation and developed by worldwide enterprise including IBM and Hitachi in 2015. As such, the Fabric is optimized for business environment and provides ultimate scalability.

Since the ‘Coincheck NEM heist’ and ‘bitFlyer’ incident earlier this year, issues regarding blockchain security have been raised, putting the reputation of Japanese blockchain industry at risk. However, the Hyperledger technology has already been adopted by numerous domestic institutions and corporations including Fujitsu, KDDI and Hitachi. Projects with such magnitude and versatility could only mean that they are more secure as compared to individual enterprise-level projects.

Metacoin will bridge DApp and coin exchange, Withbit, which is to be launched this September, thus creating a truly distinct Metacoin ecosystem. The Metacoin developers have already demonstrated Metacoin’s business potential since launching a Hyperledger-based crypto game called ‘BitPet.’

Hyperledger-based Metacoin is superior to first and second-generation cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in terms of cost and efficiency.

First, Hyperledger executes chaincodes transmitted from the network through permission-endorsed peer, thus transmission cost is not incurred. In addition, the Hyperledger’s parallel transaction expedites the process, making it ever more efficient. Last, Hyperledger supports programming languages including Go-lang, Java Script and Node.js, thereby removing programmers’ burden of having to learn a new programming language.

Chae Sang-woo, CEO of Inblock stated, “Our goal was to complement the structural problems of Ethereum-based platform by utilizing Hyperledger technology. We will continuously strive to co-evolve with competent IT companies in the Hyperledger-based blockchain ecosystem.”

200,000,000 MTC is due to be sold during the pre-sales period. Accepted currencies are Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) only. Up to 15% bonus coins will be distributed to those who participate during this round of ICO.

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