DeepBrain Chain Successfully Launches AI Training Net

On August 8, 2018, the ambitious DeepBrain Chain project launched its AI training net, achieving a major milestone in its quest for creating a fully decentralized marketplace for AI computing power and algorithms.

The AI Training Net

The AI training net serves the purpose of matching computer power requestors with network members that can provide these computational needs on a decentralized marketplace. Through this, projects and companies that require additional computational power for AI deep-learning algorithms can do so on DeepBrain Chain’s AI cloud computing network.

There is a growing need for computing power in the AI industry because the development of AI algorithms requires exponentially more complex calculations. This has created a dramatic increase in the cost of developing AI, something that greatly obstructs startups from proceeding with their AI projects.

The AI training net is the first leap towards realizing DeepBrain Chain’s full ambition, creating a decentralized ecosystem that fosters AI development and can be accessed by all due to its reducing the otherwise high capital barrier of entry.

The DeepBrain Chain team stated that they see the launch of the AI training net as the final test before the release of the mainnet, which is scheduled to launch by the end of 2018. One added functionality indicated thus far is an elaborate matchmaking algorithm to match computational power supply with demand to make the marketplace efficient.

How to Contribute

Since the testnet is live, interested parties can apply to use the computational power supplied to the network and indicate how much extra power they need. All payments on the network are in Deepbrain Chain’s native DBC token, a NEP-5 token attached to the NEO network.

Of the 250 million DBC tokens scheduled to release this year, the DeepBrain Chain Foundation has reserved 150 million tokens for over-the-counter sales to AI enterprises and research institutions that want to start using the network.

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