The 20 Most Influential Blockchain and Crypto Experts

Want to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain? These are the 20 people you must follow and learn from!

There are lots of blockchain and crypto experts, marketers, influencers, advisors and practitioners, but this list is made up of those blockchain and crypto experts (must be both), who have expertise and capabilities that run across many of these areas and are known practitioners and/or market-makers. There were many that we could have had on this list, but marketers, advisors, and influencers, etc… whose primary function is to market or promote have been excluded.

This list will now be monitored, adjusted, and displayed in MatriX on’s new Crypto research product offerings. Earlier, we unveiled methods to research and analyze cryptocurrency exchanges that will also be part of the crypto offering. This list will be tracked and adjusted by AI to measure the social and development impact of each person, plus many more who are climbing but not yet on the list. 

  1. Vitalik Buterin– Co-founder and face of Ethereum and as a co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine – @VitalikButerin
  2. Charlie Lee– Creator of Litecoin and Director of Engineering at Coinbase – @SatoshiLite
  3. Gavin Andresen – Developer that worked with Satoshi & founder Bitcoin Foundation – @gavinandresen
  4. Joseph Lubin – Co-founder of @ethereumproject & Founder of @ConsenSys – @ethereumJoseph
  5. Brian Armstrong– Co-founder & CEO at @Coinbase and author — @brian_armstrong
  6. John McAfee– Founder of McAfee Associates and Crypto Market-Maker – @officialmcafee
  7. Tim Draper –Renowned Venture, Crypto and Blockchain investor and Bestselling Author – @TimDraper
  8. Ran Neuner– CNBC Cryptotrader host. Cryptoman, Founder Onchain Capital – @cryptomanran
  9. Andreas M. Antonopoulos– Author of: Mastering Bitcoin, Mastering Ethereum & coder — @aantonop
  10. Roger Ver– World’s first Investor in Bitcoin startups and promoter of Bitcoin cash – @RogerkVer
  11. Dr. Julian Hosp– Co-Founder TenX, Blockchain Expert, MD, Bestselling Author & Speaker — @julianhosp
  12. Dinis Guarda– CEO and Founder of Intelligenthq and blockchain/crypto advisor — @dinisguarda
  13. Don Tapscott – Author of Blockchain Revolution and TedTalk on Blockchain — @dtapscott
  14. Nick Szabo– Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Smart Contracts Pioneer — @NickSzabo4
  15. Neha Narula – PhD and Director of Digital Currency at MIT Media Lab; TedTalk on Cryptocurrencies — @neha
  16. Gavin Wood– Founder of Parity Technologies. Co-Founder of Ethereum and cryptocurrency expert
  17. Barry Silbert–  Founder & CEO of Digital Currency Group and renowned investor in blockchain and crypto companies — @barrysilbert
  18. Mark Lynd– Globally ranked Blockchain, Crypto & Cybersecurity advisor, author, practitioner & keynote speaker — @mclynd
  19. Mark Van Rijmenam– Founder of Datafloq, Author and Internationally recognized speaker — @VanRijmenam
  20. Oliver Bussmann– Global FinTech Exec, Advisor and Keynote Speaker. Top 10 #FinTech #Blockchain #ICO Influencer

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