Say hello to ‘Sprout’ the first Bot to log interactions on the blockchain

Bots today are rarely authenticated with users often unsure who created them and for what purpose. Blockchain offers a trusted and transparent means of authenticating bots, tracking their usage and even logging the specific interactions they have with people. This potential to make bots more trusted, whilst enabling an economy for developers of bots, are the objectives of the Seed Token project.

The Sprout bot was unveiled today marking a historic example of a bot that interacts with the blockchain. Sprout is a simple chatbot that accepts registrations for the Seed Token project newsletter and logs automatically on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each time someone interacts with Sprout, a log is written to the blockchain and the various individual developer accounts involved in Sprouts’ creation are rewarded with a micro-payment. This is the Seed Token Project’s first major goal: to enable open source developers of bots to be rewarded in proportion to their contributions to successful bots. Until now, there has been no means of rewarding developers for the bot code they open source.

Nathan Shedroff, CEO & Co-Founder, Seed Vault Ltd. commented: “ Every time Sprout is used, its creators receive a micropayment in Seed Tokens, meaning developers can be paid on a per-use basis. This is revolutionary for the world of open source and provides the incentive mechanism that has always been missing. Sprout demonstrates the potential of blockchain to create an economy for open source bots.”

Mark Stephen Meadows, Trustee & Co-Founder at Seed added: “ Sprout demonstrates the pay-per-use developer reward model, and this is just the beginning. By integrating bots with the blockchain there’s the ability to log specific interactions so any customer service dispute can be simply resolved or we can create identities for bots so users know exactly what they’re dealing with, who created the bot and why.”

Sprout represents the first step in a more accountable bot economy with the Seed platform soon to launch, allowing trusted bots to be created and to fairly reward those who contributed to them.

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