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Global pharmaceutical companies discuss partnership with Aimedis to implement Blockchain technology

Aimedis, a healthcare startup utilizing AI and blockchain technology, has partnered with pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer Deutschland GmbH, to put blockchain solutions into test, the desired outcome is to show a proof of work of the technology in the healthcare industry and provide societies with better medical services.

Pfizer’s interest in the technology has come from the global admiration it received, with over 86,000 projects by companies, research institutions and startups focusing on the blockchain, over 27,000 new projects have been created during the past year.

Aimedis and Pfizer’s project will take place in Germany, starting with the engagement of three hospitals, where the implementation will take place in the intensive care units. Members from both companies will accompany patients that are taking prescribed antibiotics (such as Meronem and Tygacil) and apply their medical records on the new Aimedis DApp, at the meantime, Pfizer will use Aimedis’ DApp to track the progress with the patients without having the doctors in the same room, as both patients and doctors will communicate via an advanced monitoring system.

In turn, Aimedis will track data of patients who received the antibiotics, involving the state of the patient, treatments given, outcomes and post-discharge care, relatively, the company will apply AI and blockchain to be able to trace if the patient is improving with the medicine provided without any side effects, hence helping medical prescriptions be more efficient and personalized to the particular patient in order to deliver a faster and smoother healing process.

As of these days, clinical trials are limited to a relatively small number of patients, which makes some medicines ineffective to some patients, leaving the patient susceptible to extra charges and potential discomfort. To tackle this issue, pharmaceutical companies use post-marketing surveillance, or pharmacovigilance, which means that they seek any new side effect from patients already experiencing the medicine after having it distributed to the market.

Dr. Michael Kaldasch, Founder and CEO of Aimedis, commented on the partnerships saying “It is about time for the healthcare industry to immerse itself in the blockchain technology, the solution Aimedis is providing will help make medical services be astoundingly more efficient, providing that it will save both patients and pharmaceutical institutions much less money to spend. We hope that through partnering with the top medical institutions, healthcare across the world will be immensely improved, and we’re on the road to achieve that.”

Over the coming days, the team of Aimedis will go on a business trip to partner with medical institutions and people interested in the field to pitch the revolutionary technology, where they will be presenting their services at events in Dubai, Hong Kong, China, and South Korea, as they are on course to revolutionize the one trillion-dollar industry

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