DexisChain Announces Token Launch For Blockchain Based Investment Platform Focused On Real Estate

Based out of Japan, DexisChain bridges the gap between real estate, technology, and innovation by creating a universalreal estate market prediction platform using blockchaintechnology that will increase transparency and lower the barrier of entry for the average investor.

DexisChain has now announced that their official public launch of DexisChain Protocol Token (DCPT)will start on August 6th, along with a pre-sale that has just gone live.

The token will act as a medium of exchange and as a staking mechanism for the surfacing of questions with optimal market relevance. Currently $7 millionin DCPT has been sold privately with a total of $2 billion available to be issued moving forward.

Starting with Japan, DexisChain plans to eliminate prohibitive financial barriers to direct investing and by making a new class of highly liquid real estate assets. This allows anyone to tokenize property on an open market, thereby opening real estate to an entirely new world of investors.

While initially focused on data within the REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) space, the DexisChain platform will eventually encompass all manner of real estate investing products, such as real estate ETFs, mutual funds and even individual company stocks.

“Real estate is low liquidity because of regulatory barriers so we thought that using tokens will solve this problem,” says director of DexisChain Nobuo Takaki. “We will launch beta service of Dexis in mid-2019 and after gaining many users, we will launch the official platform in 2020.”

DexisChain is a user-friendly platform where investors at all levels of experience and liquidity can quickly source, analyze, and act upon high-quality real estate market data. Note that their token is not currently available to residents of the United States.

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