iClick Interactive Uses Big Data to Empower Real Estate Blockchain Applications

iClick Interactive Uses Big Data to Empower Real Estate Blockchain Applications

Partnership with i-House.com will combine technology strengths to create Business Intelligence Solutions

iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited (“iClick”), a leading independent online marketing technology platform in China, announced a partnership with i-House.com, a pre-eminent global real estate blockchain cloud platform. The collaboration will allow i-House.com to reach a more targeted audience in its range of blockchain-enabled real estate projects. For iClick, this extends its data-based business intelligence solutions to the real estate sector and offers the potential for more personalized and value-added solutions in the future.

The partnership demonstrates tangible value from combining the two exciting technologies of data analytics and blockchain, revealing potential areas for this sector and beyond. Developing business intelligence (“BI”) capabilities is meeting the latent needs of brands to maximize the value of their proprietary data and to provide actionable insight from such data.

i-House.com has developed a smart contract and distributed accounting technology specifically for the real estate industry. Its core proposition is to connect asset holders with a range of potential investors using proprietary smart contracts that can break up large deals into smaller transactions. Using blockchain allows investment in a secure environment.

With iClick’s market-leading data sets and its powerful capabilities in analytics, the partnership will enable i-House.com to target potential buyers and sellers through the complex online environment. i-House.com will be able to rationalize their proprietary data in greater depth and more effectively, creating additional customer value with the robust data insights that are available. The data application will also allow the identification of new opportunities through model recognition of existing loyal customers.

The second phase of the collaboration will see a combination of blockchain and data analytics to provide even more value-added services to property users.


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