Zichain launches first index funds for crypto investors

Zichain, an international crypto finance group of companies, has launched two cryptocurrency index funds, the first in its pipeline of different products designed to make investment in digital assets easy, safe and smart. Zichain was the first crypto finance company to introduce digital assets’ indices in December 2017.    

Blue Coins Index Fund (BCIF), focused on major cryptocurrencies, and Second Tier Index Fund (STIF) have become available for limited group of investors. The universe of the two funds includes over 20 top cryptocurrencies. The company is planning to start the sale to a broader market before the end of Q3 2018 when all necessary legal proceedings are finalized.

Zichain’s cryptocurrency index funds have all features of traditional funds familiar to investors such as the use of real-time market data, performance calculations to track investments and an advanced financial reporting which matches the highest standards of traditional finance.  

At the same time Zichain’s index funds will apply the most advanced technologies available in the cryptoworld. A licensed European company provides a clustered storage with multiple signatures which guarantees the assets’ safety. Investors’ personal accounts will have such features as an automated rebalancing and smart execution system. 

Both funds’ tokens have been created on the Ethereum blockchain platform using its ERC 20 standard for smart contracts.

Zichain’s CEO, Mr Khachatur Gukasyan, said:“All our clients will soon be able to reap the benefits of investing in digital assets in a traditional and familiar environment while using the latest available technology. Zichain has put a great effort into functionality of its products and we believe that the launch of our innovative index funds will open a new chapter in the history of crypto finance”.

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