Project PAI Launches Mainnet for First Blockchain Network for Personal AI

The Project PAI Foundation is excited to announce the launch of the PAI Mainnet — its independent blockchain platform that allows users worldwide to create, own, and manage their own digital identity and data, allowing everyone to participate in a new globalized AI economy.

Project PAI’s vision is to enable everyone in the world to create their own Personal AI (PAI), an intelligent digital avatar that looks, sounds, and behaves like them. The core technology for these intelligent avatars is powered by ObEN, a leading artificial intelligence company based in Los Angeles, CA. As an early adopter of Project PAI, ObEN uses blockchain to secure and authenticate the PAI’s created by the users of its applications. These PAIs can be used in all aspects of everyday from healthcare to social networking, and travel, retail and entertainment.

As participants on a decentralized system, it is intended that control of personal data gathered on the PAI blockchain will belong to the user, as opposed to a singular entity or corporation in a centralized system. The PAI Blockchain is ultimately designed to allow users to control their own data assets and to be compensated for contributing their PAI data to improve the platform’s AI algorithms or help app developers improve their products.

Using the PAI Mainnet Explorer, users can view contents of the blockchain, check PAI Coin transactions, monitor network hashrate and difficulty, and check total coin supply.

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