Blockchain Platform Announces ARN Token Accepted in Aviation Industry

The aviation industry is a 2.5 Trillion-dollar industry with over 4 billion passengers using 104,000 flights annually. Yet, the aerial mode of travel is often looked on as a dangerous mode of travel with over 3000 accidents reported annually, with some of them even being fatal.

Aeron, a new Blockchain-based air safety company is working to provide a solution that will improve air safety using the immense potential of decentralization and Blockchain itself. The company aims to introduce transparency in common aviation-related problems that contribute to accidents including flight log forgery, aircraft flight hours underreporting, adulteration with aircraft condition.

How does Aeron Aim to Solve the Problem of Aviation Safety?

The current system employed by most aircraft operators relies on an outdated, inefficient system and Aeron aims to replace with modern technology, transparent accountability and sophisticated tools. The company claims that the new system will greatly reduce the risk of aviation accidents by putting more effort into the maintenance and coordination side of things.

Aeron Mobile App

The Aeron team is working hard to release the mobile app according to the set milestones available for viewing on the official website. The top team has recently announced the release of its pilot mobile app that is set to launch on both iOS and Google Play-store. The team has also integrated the with Blockchain and will soon start token payments on the new system. The services offered on the platform range from booking chartered flights to flight training and air safaris.

Aeron CEO Artem Orange voiced the companies excitement in announcing the integration of the ARN token as the chosen payment method for The team is all excited for the future of Aeron and believe in putting the passenger’s safety first. The development team is hard at work finishing off the decentralized storage portal next. The Aeron team are on track to have a very successful year and have publicly thanked everyone that has and continues to support the growing company.

ARN Token

The native ARN token will populate the new marketplace and payments will be enabled in the token in the near future for all industry services. The new token will help bring transparency and innovation into the aviation industry.


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