Ledger Projects Signs Collaboration Agreement with the Bitfury Group

Maltese company Ledger Projects today announced it has signed a partnership with the Bitfury Group to build innovative blockchain solutions in Malta.

Bitfury, the world’s leading full-service blockchain technology company, delivers hardware and software solutions to governments and the private sector. Bitfury plans to work exclusively with Ledger Projects in Malta to merge Ledger Projects’ platform with Bitfury’s blockchain infrastructure. Ledger Projects will also offer Bitfury’s range of applications in Malta.

“Since our launch last September, the feedback here in Malta and around the world has been very encouraging,” said David Schranz, CEO of Ledger Projects. “We have seen Ledger Projects’ platform evolve from a simple DLT application to a complex ecosystem with a robust use case for full-scale projects and services.”

Valery Vavilov, CEO of Bitfury, said his company is looking forward to working with Ledger Projects on blockchain projects in Malta. “Malta is an innovative country that has opened its doors to new technology like blockchain,” he said. “Bitfury and Ledger Projects will develop a wide range of solutions that improve the systems and services that people use every day.”

Bitfury currently employs more than 500 people in 16 countries. The company has successfully launched blockchain applications on a national scale and has a product portfolio that includes security, transaction processing, health care, land titling and analytics.

Ledger Projects and Bitfury are working to create a program that provides access to Bitfury’s technology and blockchain expertise to education groups in Malta.

Anthony Mamo, director of Ledger Projects, said his company’s collaboration with an internationally acclaimed blockchain brand is “a big win for Malta.”

“This is a very important achievement for Ledger Projects, but this is also a vote of confidence in the island and proof that the government’s objective for Malta to become ‘the global trailblazer in the regulation of blockchain-based businesses’ is already being achieved, as is the goal to attract world-class fintech companies,” said Mamo.

One of Bitfury’s flagship platforms is Exonum, a product set to be the next evolutionary step in the blockchain ecosystem. Bitfury also recently released Crystal, an analytics platform that helps law enforcement agencies uncover illegal activities. Using Crystal, the blockchain can dramatically simplify anti-money laundering and KYC processes, making it easier for financial institutions to tackle money laundering and other criminal activities.

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