EFFECT.AI Partners with Civic for safer AI ecosystem

Effect.AI is excited to announce its partnership with Civic, a blockchain-based pioneer in the field of identity verification. Effect.AI will utilize Civic’s cutting edge Secure Identity Platform to provide future users with a safe and convenient way to access The Effect Network and its wide array of features.

Civic: secure online identity through blockchain

Civic was one of the first companies to realize that the distributed nature of blockchain technology was perfectly suited to revolutionize the means through which identities are verified online. Their Secure Identity Platform (SIP) uses a verified identity for multi-factor authentication on web and mobile apps without the need for usernames or passwords. An additional benefit of Civic’s blockchain based method is that all identity data is fully encrypted and stored in a decentralized manner, making it easier for companies using SIP to comply with strict privacy laws.

Most importantly, by working with Civic, Effect.AI can leverage Civic’s Secure Identity Platform to accurately identify unique skills of individual Workers on the Effect Force micro task platform. Workers interested in performing tasks on Effect Force can create their profiles with Civic and expand it by associating their ID, diploma’s and other certificates. This allows Effect.AI to reserve certain tasks for an optimal subset of workers, providing the amount of granularity needed for the inevitable ramp up in task complexity.

Chris Dawe, CEO of Effect.AI: “One of the many benefits of working with Civic is that their protocol actually allows for the verification of, for instance, high school diplomas and other certificates associated with user profiles. This makes it possible for us to reserve certain tasks on the Effect Force platform for a subset of workers that is most qualified for that type of work. And that’s just the beginning. Needless to say, we are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership with Civic.”

In fact, Effect.AI is developing a Decentralized Network for Artificial Intelligence and AI related services on the NEO blockchain. Effect.AI’s main objective is to build a platform that will stimulate AI development and the creation of various AI services. The platform will be more democratic, accessible and easy to use than what is currently available.

The Effect Network will be launched in three overlapping phases:

Phase 1: Effect Force

In the first phase, Workers will be able to perform a large variety of Human Intelligence Tasks. This gives AI developers and other Requesters access to an easy way of creating data-sets and outsourcing large amounts of work to a reliable and accurate workforce. Fair payment, attractive rates and improved accuracy give Effect Force its edge over the competition.

Phase 2: Effect Smart Market

The second phase is the creation of the Effect Smart Market, a decentralized marketplace that will further empower developers by allowing them to collaborate with others and to trade their algorithms and DApps on a fully Decentralized Network.

Phase 3: Effect Power

The third phase ties it all together by using the blockchain to distribute the processing power needed to run the newly created algorithms over a global network providing an alternative that is more reliable and scalable than traditional server farms.

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