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BizBlocks Launches the Hardware Wallet Security Platform Combined with the Chain

A start-up company BizBlocks in Korea is developing the world’s first comprehensive platform for personal and enterprise blockchain hardware security based on the most powerful key combining several core keys and NFC of mobile phones.

Despite the advancing technology of the blockchain, the security part of the private key is always at the center of controversy and attention. ‘Kaiser Wallet’ of BizBlocks complements existing hardware wallet shortcomings and runs on a various operating systems such as PC, Android, IOS, Linux.

Kaiser Wallet uses the most important technology to issue new assets and transact them in blockchain area safely. Kaiser Wallet which is about to be launched in early June and consists of a basic 1 set (daily+backup), will be priced at $30-$50 with high price competitiveness.

It is the same size as a credit card and has both practicality and portability carried in a pocket or purse. Security is further enhanced with the two factor systems, which combine hardware and quantum authentication.

Jung, In-Young, BizBlocks Inc. CEO says the development is complete and the production is gone into. The conference for business description will be held at the beginning of June and will be distributed around the world, at the same time. He is also preparing in more than 20 countries overseas IR to promote security technology.

He says Kaiser Wallet has the advantages of high security, low price, safety and convenience, simple use, widely expandable platform for personal/enterprise, and more than 100 types of wallets loaded. He is confident not only of world best global share in hardware security platform business but also of the leading role in the blockchain security market in future.”

BizBlocks Inc. and the government of Kyrgyzstan made an agreement for the organization of the Pan-Central Asia Blockchain Council in conjunction with Russia and Central Asian countries and made a business contract for the organization of electronic government based on blockchain and for the 4th Industrial ICT integration complex on May 24 in 2018.

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