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VeChain Launches Bug Bounty Program on HackenProof

Asian blockchain giant moves towards quality cybersecurity

VeChain Foundation, a leading global enterprise level public blockchain platform, has recently announced starting a private bug bounty on HackenProof, the leader among tokenized crowdsourced vulnerability rewarding platforms, to identify critical vulnerabilities in VeChainThor blockchain and eliminate them.

VeChainThor blockchain went to the alpha testing stage, and hackers from the global white hat community were invited to start the private bug hunting process. All the researchers have a solid background in cybersecurity, source code review, consensus protocols, p2p networks, smart contracts audit, and software development. Thus, they will provide critical insights on improvements and receive bounties for their work. The VeChainThor blockchain invite-only bug bounty program is available before June the 5th.The public beta is the first time that the VeChainThor code base is available to the public.

As any responsible company, VeChain wants to protect the users of their platform from potential damage. After all, VeChainThor blockchain is expected to conduct an innumerable number of transactions. Thus, the company signed an agreement to place their product on the HackenProof bug bounty platform.

“VeChain values security as the first priority for a public blockchain platform made for enterprises adoption. And we chose the HackenProof platform to host a bug bounty to leverage the power of the community.” – VeChain COO Kevin Feng.




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