Streamr announces major milestone during Consensus

Streamr, the blockchain-backed data platform, launched on May 16th its real-time data Marketplace that connects data producers and consumers. The launch took place on-stage at Consensus in New York, and was followed by the announcement of industry-leading partnerships with Nokia, the multinational telecommunications, information technology and consumer electronics company, and OSIsoft, the industry’s trusted leader in operational intelligence.

Streamr’s partnership with Nokia will see the development of the next generation of mobile base stations and enable Nokia customers to monetize their data while the partnership with OSIsoft will focus on enabling new business cases and data sharing solutions that are not currently available on the market. This announcement comes as Hewlett Packard Enterprise recently partnered with Streamr to monetize vehicle data in real-time.

Henri Pihkala, CEO of Streamr said, “The launch of our Marketplace represents a pivotal moment for our platform and underlines our commitment to driving the future of data utilization and monetization. To realize our vision of a sustainable, equitable, and efficient data economy, we needed to create a space in which buyers and sellers could come together freely, and today we have achieved just that.”

Streamr’s Marketplace is a web-based application where data providers can list real-time data streams, and data consumers can subscribe and pay for access to those data streams. Terms of use, pricing schedule, and time-based access control, are coded in Ethereum smart contracts. By using Streamr’s cryptographic token, DATA, it is possible to make data streams around the globe freely tradeable.

By partnering with Nokia, Streamr will play a role in building the next generation of mobile base stations. By integrating Nokia’s Kuha transportable base stations into Streamr’s data Marketplace, Nokia customers will be able to monetize their data while receiving a better offer when it comes to connecting to a range of IoT sensors and devices. Users of the base stations will be able to buy and sell data worldwide.

“Providing smart mobile coverage for up to four billion individuals across the world is a major challenge and current solutions don’t go far enough. We recognize a growing movement of empowered mobile customers who want to control and monetize their own data. Our partnership with Streamr reflects our firm belief in the platform, as well as our commitment to better serve our customers,” said Martti Ylikoski, Radio System Evolution Lead at Nokia.

In addition, Streamr is partnering with OSIsoft to enable new business cases and data sharing solutions. A proven leader in enabling operational intelligence, OSIsoft delivers an open enterprise infrastructure and PI System to connect sensor-based data, systems, and people, resulting in real time, actionable insights that empower companies to optimize and transform their business.

OSIsoft own and run the software that powers plant information systems for over 1,000 leading utilities. OSIsoft’s PI System is a suite of software products that are used for data collection, historicizing, finding, analyzing, delivering, and visualizing. It is essentially an enterprise infrastructure for management of real-time data and events.

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