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OptDyn™ Unleashes Subutai™ v.7.0

Breakthrough Peer-to-Peer Cloud Computing IaaS software used in Mission-Critical FinTech, ISP, and Industrial Internet of Things Applications, among many others

OptDyn™, makers of Subutai™, the world’s first intelligent Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Cloud computing platform, today announced the release of Subutai 7.0.
Subutai disrupts, decentralizes, and commoditizes Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things (IoT), allowing users to easily participate in a cryptocurrency sharing economy through energy-efficient cryptocurrency mining and renting of idle computing resources on the edge. Subutai originated as a multi-million-dollar advanced defense research contract for a new P2P Cloud computing platform that could reconfigure itself dynamically and securely across the Internet. In 2013, after the client allowed the core technology to be open sourced, OptDyn was founded to bring Subutai to the world. The Subutai ecosystem consists of:

Subutai PeerOS —Open Source, container-based P2P Cloud and IoT software;

Subutai Bazaar —a marketplace to buy/sell computing resources and applications. Bazaar Blueprints instantly stand up common open source applications like MatterMost and the Subutai Blockchain-in-a-Box blueprint;

Subutai Blockchain Router —a power-efficient “green” broadband Cloud router and IoT gateway that serves as a plug-and-play cryptocurrency wallet and mining device. Subutai Blockchain Router v2.0 is currently in production, with delivery Q3 2018; and

KHAN™ —an Ethereum Blockchain-based reserve currency token the ubiquitous currency across the Subutai Platform. Launching 2018.

“Subutai 7 is production ready with several new features to bring P2P cloud computing to the masses,” said Alex Karasulu, CTO and Founder of OptDyn. “We are continually improving Subutai’s functionality, scalability, and usability to realize our long range vision and support future user demands. Subutai 7 unlocks years of development to the platform’s infrastructure, making it an essential upgrade for individual and commercial users to instantly conquer the cloud.”

Major updates, enhancements, and dozens of bug fixes make Subutai v7.0 faster, more efficient, and easier to use. A comprehensive list of new features can be found in the release notes at

Democratizing the Cloud
Up to 90% of computing resources are unused at any time. Subutai lets anyone sell or rent their unused computer resources to create clouds on the edge, as opposed to centralized locations. Subutai’s Open Source, container-based, dynamic P2P multi-cloud performs in a similar manner to Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud, but runs on users’ own computers as well as those with whom they share and rent compute resources.
Subutai powers collaborative consumption: the same disruptive forces Airbnb used with rental homes now apply to the Cloud and IoT. Many commonly refer to it as a sharing economy. It is an on-demand sharing economy that gives everyone access without having to worry about changes being made without either party’s knowledge.

By allowing individuals and commercial entities of any size to participate in a cloud services sharing economy —democratizing the cloud— the “race to zero” rapidly accelerates to reduce costs and increase hosting options closer to, or on, the edge. This has the additional advantage of increasing performance and efficiency by locating services and applications closer to where those services and applications are used most.

Subutai offers a secure, flexible, and rich ecosystem to accommodate a variety of users from hobbyists to mission-critical applications. In fact, OptDyn recently entered a strategic Memorandum of Understanding with Celtab/PTI to power mission-critical Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) programs in Brazil. Celtab is one of the research centers of Brazil’s Itaipu Technological Park, the foundation responsible for promoting scientific, technological, and innovation development linked to Itaipu Binacional, the largest clean energy generator in the world.

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