Egretia Teams up with ArcBlock and CyberMiles to Build a New Ecosystem of HTML5 Blockchain Applications

After several months of exploring together, on May 7th, Egretia, the world’s first HTML5 blockchain platform, established an official strategic cooperation with ArcBlock, a 3.0 blockchain platform, and CyberMiles, the world’s first blockchain platform focused on linking business scenarios. In the future, Egretia and ArcBlock will collaborate in the field of HTML5 blockchain games, working to release HTML5 games and applications powered by the Egretia workflow on the ArcBlock platform. Players will store game assets through the platform, and both parties will work together to build a HTML5 game developer ecology. Egretia and CyberMiles will innovate together in the HTML5 blockchain application arena and with Egretia’s complete HTML5 blockchain development workflow, e-commerce applications based on CyberMiles can be built very quickly.

Egretia is the first HTML5 blockchain platform in the world and aims to bring 200,000 existing developers and 1 billion mobile terminal devices into the blockchain world. Egretia has combined proven HTML5 technologies and tools with blockchain, successfully creating the world’s first complete blockchain game development toolset. With the Egretia toolset, developers can create blockchain games easily and efficiently without spending extraneous time on studying underlying blockchain technology. The toolset also allows for virtual assets to flow between games.

ArcBlock is the world’s first blockchain ecosystem designed for the development and deployment of decentralized applications. ArcBlock is devoted to helping all trades and professions seamlessly link existing systems and services to the blockchain. This would allow existing business data, users, and processes to take full advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology, ultimately promoting the concept of blockchain “landing.”

CyberMiles is a smart commercial contract blockchain launched by 5xlab Labs of 5 miles, a well-known e-commerce platform in the United States. CyberMiles focuses on linking together the real world and blockchain technology by providing basic protocol, framework, and foundational measures to service the entire business world.

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