Two former JP Morgan employees to Launch a Blockchain Dapp Store

During Consensus 2018 in New York on May 14th, Amber Baldet, former blockchain program lead at JPMorgan, unveiled her new project Clovyr, a decentralized app (or dapp) store that gives users access to projects tied to both public and permissioned, more enterprise-focused blockchain networks.

This new startup launched by two former JPMorgan blockchain employees, Baldet and cryptographer Patrick Mylund Nielsen, seeks to provide a new layer of enterprise-driven services between blockchains and user-facing applications.

Maintaining a “blockchain agnostic” approach to application design, Clovyr will initially provide tooling to build on both public and enterprise versions of ethereum, specifically the Quorum, Geth and Parity clients.

In a public beta planned to launch later this year, the team intend to provide an initial development framework for enterprises looking to build on the tech, as well as other potential novelties such as tooling for data analysis on private datasets – something that Baldet anticipates will be a popular product.

“Right now there’s no way to keep data private at its point of origin and also enable big data analytics, but there could be,” said Nielsen in a press release.

Going forward, the team plans to launch a full tech stack for privacy-protecting decentralized application design, that would achieve compliance with upcoming data protection law, the GDPR.

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