RSK Labs Announces Partnership with EVShare Sustainable Autonomous Ridesharing Service

Demonstrates How RSK’s Bitcoin-based Smart Contracts Will Transform the Future of Transportation and Clean Energy

Today, EVShare Foundation and RSK Labs are announcing a partnership to create sustainable, accessible and comfortable autonomous ride-sharing powered with clean, renewable energy. This advance in transportation is made possible with 21st-century IoT (Internet of Things) information technology, including the RSK Bitcoin-based blockchain and smart contracts.

EVShare is highlighted in RSK’s keynote speech at Consensus 2018, the world’s largest blockchain technology summit, as a groundbreaking example of the technology advances made possible by the RSK blockchain which gives Bitcoin security, improved speed and the power of smart contracts.

“Electric, shared, connected, autonomous, sustainably-powered, vehicles (EVs) are more than a trend — they represent a necessary technological and cultural shift toward improved efficiency and a shared clean energy future,” said Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar, CEO of RSK Labs.

“Today, there are electric buses. There is ridesharing. There is even EV ridesharing. But nobody has been able to solve the problem of integrating EV vehicles with sustainable, solar/renewable energy distributed resources — until now. RSK Blockchain and smart contracts are central to that solution.”

RSK Lab’s founders believe that decentralized blockchains with smart contract capabilities will be the driving force behind global financial inclusion, new democratic political systems and the “internet of things” (IoT) with smart contracts and the RSK blockchain acting as the “glue” that ties data from these technologies and institutions together.

The EVShare service combines multiple IoT technologies on Blockchain to bring a new level of energy efficiency and sustainability into transportation. This enables sufficient clean power to be generated, aggregated, transported and shared to meet the energy needs of a sustainably-powered, non-polluting mass transportation system.

 “With EVShare, communities will now have the ability to regain their most valuable resource — time — back from the commute they have now, by being able to relax, work, handle meetings and more, all from the comfort of an autonomous vehicle that is managing energy and monitoring road conditions from many angles every second,” said Eduardo Munoz, CEO of EVShare.

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