CREDITS partners with Blockchain Fintech Wealth Angel №1 Fund to open innovation lab in Shanghai

CREDITS entered into a partnership agreement with Blockchain Fintech Wealth Angel №1 Fund Limited, headquartered in Hong Kong. The Fund renders extensive support to innovative startups, investing in the standout businesses and establishing an enabling ecosystem for them. The capabilities offered by Angel №1 include an incubator for consummate and reputable blockchain companies.

A representative of the HK based Foundation Ting Peng says: “We expect that helping CREDITS grow and develop their technology will also facilitate the growth of our incubator influence around the world and contribute to a broader usage of their technical solution in financial projects in the near future.”

The objectives to be accomplished by the lab will encompass joint initiatives aimed at developing distributed ledger, smart contract, and cryptocurrency technologies. Another line of business is exploring the potential for implementing these technologies into daily routine, adapting them to suit the needs of businesses, banking, the state and managerial decision-making. The third line of business is demonstrating the CREDITS platform’s strengths and broadening its community through joint events with Angel №1, such as master classes, annual open house days, meetups, and conferences. The incubator has a dedicated spacious meeting facility. Overall, the Fund’s employees render full media support to startups, including PR, marketing, and events. For example, their immediate media partners include the organizers of blockchain summit Finwise and the owners of HK TV media.

“It’s time to move on and take CREDITS platform to the next level. Time to address the issues and problems associated with its implementation. An innovative lab, open for everyone interested in blockchain is just the right thing for us,” Igor Chugunov, CEO at CREDITS, says.

“The incubator is situated in a 15-story building at Shou Dong Guo Shun Building, 19, Yangpu District, Shanghai on one of the floors. The offices occupy roughly 1,300 sq m. One of our offices is held by a project of CREDITS. These are premises with Internet access plus a server with two virtual machines,” Ting Peng concludes.

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