BSS collaborates with Oman Banks Association on Blockchain

This collaboration unifies efforts, and bridges industry and innovation in Oman

During the Fintech Panel of Oman Economic Forum (OEF), which took place on April 29th & 30th in Sultanate Oman and focused on embracing innovation and new technologies within the Fintech space, Dr. Tariq Taha, Head of The Oman Banks Association technology department and Dr. Khalid Tahhan, CEO, Blockchain Solutions & Services (BSS) exclusively announced their collaboration.

Dr. Tahhan emphasized the importance of collaboration to create a streamlined approach to innovation that achieves everyone’s goals.

BSS is working to facilitate Omani Innovation within the Blockchain space and by creating this channel, it enables the banking industry to directly reach such innovations.

As Dr. Tahhan succinctly explained “The aim of our initiative is innovation. We are working towards defining new use cases for blockchain to undergo proof of concepts with them, mature them and then share them globally.”

It is worth noting that BSS is a government entity that was established as an initiative from the State General Reserve Fund earlier this year with the prime objective of setting up the needed infrastructure in Oman to create a healthy Blockchain environment.

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