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Latin America’s Biggest Blockchain Project Announces Token Sale

Lunes Platform will provide a collection of multi-functional solutions that will revolutionize transactions, business deals and shopping for users across the globe

Over the course of 10 years, Blockchain has witnessed tremendous growth that exceeded all expectations, it all started with one currency that we all know, Bitcoin. These days, there are more than 1,500 active currencies with a market cap that exceeded $800USD billion, exceeding the value of the world’s largest corporations.

The great-fast growth of blockchain indicates the great potential that this technology is providing, which will revolutionize the way we live. What’s fascinating to note, however, is that the explosion of cryptocurrencies hasn’t been the doing of large banks like other market rallies. HSBC, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and JPMorgan Chase aren’t leading the charge. Rather, it’s individual investors in around the world that are responsible for cryptocurrencies’ massive gains.

Before we fully jump into the world of Blockchain, there are a set of issues that need to be addressed to ensure sustainability, security and ease of use, as the technology and its crypto markets continuously faces an onslaught of criticism.

Hence, Lunes Platform will help bridge this disruptive technology to the entire world with an effective, uncomplicated and accessible way, providing individuals a safe transition from the centralized world to the decentralized one.

Lunes Platform will provide the solutions for the following Blockchain fields:

Wallets: Lunes are providing the first multiservice wallet in the world, offering innovative and intelligent financial ecosystem with unique feature and modern design. Users will be able to purchase cryptocurrencies, pay for bills and mobile phone services, transfer funds, as well as trade and store currencies and manage credit card.

Markets: Traders and investors will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a decentralized exchange – what makes it better than any other current exchanges is that the users will be 100% in control of their crypto and digital assets, having the advantage of a wide variety of coins and tokens traded at low fees and on P2P transactions.

Prepaid Card: A physical prepaid card will be provided for users to enable them shop using Lunes and Bitcoin credits, in addition, a rewarding system will be embedded into the card, where shoppers will earn special discounts on goods and services.

Private Label: Shops can create their own physical loyalty cards to earn their customers’ loyalty, through providing better offers to frequent buyers, which will increase the number of customers and therefore increase their earnings.

Documentation: Users will be able to record any type of document in a digital format and ensure its validity and immutability, without any queues, with full transparency, as records will be unchangeable and authenticated with just few clicks.

ICO Creation: Entrepreneurs will be able to create their own ICO and capture using Lunes’ innovative system, which will automatically make the process of validating the idea which will later on be recorded on blockchain, have the tokens created, and provide evaluation of the idea with the help of the Lunes community.

Smart Contracts: Business people will be able to create safe deals without the need of third parties, hence making healthy agreements easier.

Payment terminals: Lunes users will also benefit of withdrawing or receiving money through cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies in the traditional form, using a specialized ATM machine.

Proof of Stake: Investors and holders of over 5,000 LNS can run the Lunes Node and ensure a percentage of the transaction rates of the validated blocks. As all Lunes are generated in ICO, the leased Proof-of-Stake system gives the network validators the transaction fees as a reward. Who has less than 5000 LNS can also participate in the network Lunes leaving their currencies in leasing.

Leasing: Lenders of forge power to miners can be rewarded up to 5% a year, they just need to leave coins in stake and choose a mining node of the net to lend the power of their Lunes.

Felipe Mendes, Marketing Manager of Lunes Platform, commented on the progress of Lunes Platform, saying: “The pre-ICO was a success and we already have an available testnet, mobile wallet and partnerships prior to our ICO, this made a big difference in our project compared to others. At this stage, we are working even harder in the construction and delivery of what was proposed.”

He added: “Speaking of partnerships, we already signed a key partnership with ShipW, a world leader in transportation, as it will be possible to use Lunes as payment for ShipW services. Another interesting milestone was securing a partnership with the Athletic Club Bragantino, a moment of victory that provided us with cross-national media coverage, hence increasing confidence within the local market.”

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