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Leading Blockchain Cybersecurity company will be one of the key speakers at Dubai’s Future Blockchain Summit

Hacken aims to protect the Blockchain technology using cybersecurity to reduce threats, vulnerabilities, or attacks by eliminating or preventing them.

On May 2-3, 2018, The Future Blockchain Summit will take place in Dubai, the UAE. Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr, Director General at Smart Dubai Office, where the summit will be hosted, described the event as “the world’s first inspirational festival of global blockchain adoption across all industries”.

Participants will gain insight into global opportunities of the blockchain, revealing advanced technological potential for business and government leaders, industry practitioners and startups. One of the key speakers at the summit will be the CEO of Hacken, Dmytro Budorin.

In less than 5 months Hacken turned from an ICO startup into a profitable and mature cybersecurity company. Today, it provides a wide range of services to top market players such as Nucleus Vision, Qbao, Jibrel Network and others. The global aim of the company is to unite cybersecurity experts from different parts of the world to improve existing security standards. As part of this global effort, the Hacken team focuses heavily on securing and educating participants of Middle East markets.

A flourishing business landscape, uninhibited by many government restrictions makes Dubai a focal point for leading innovations. Thus, there is no surprise that the city wants to implement blockchain technology in all spheres of human life. Considering the global cybersecurity threat, Hacken plans to open its headquarters in Dubai, in order to protect the burgeoning cyber landscape.

White hat hacker, Yasser Hasan Ali, Hacken’s representative in Dubai: “After the implementation of the blockchain technology in all spheres of Dubai’s life, we will need the assistance of such cybersecurity professionals as Hacken to ensure that the initiative is not used for malevolent benefit.”

At The Future Blockchain Summit organized by Smart Dubai, Dmytro Budorin will talk about global cybersecurity threat and how companies such as Hacken thwart cybercriminals.

Dmytro Budorin: ” Our goal is to enhance the global cybersecurity standards, and participation in events such as The Future Blockchain Summit enables us to contribute to the prosperity of the blockchain industry.”

Today, operating at full power, the Hacken Team:

❖ Secures more than 20 clients worldwide with anti-phishing, smart contract audits, and penetration testing services. Three large clients are utilizing the bug bounty platform HackenProof, which was successfully launched a month ago.

❖ Prepares the opening of the headquarters in Dubai.

❖ Develops a unique and highly demanded product for the evaluation of crypto exchanges, the Crypto Exchange Ranks. The product is going to test a broad range of parameters to identify the most secure and reliable exchanges in the industry. Currently operating in pre-alpha, the MVP is expected to be launched by the end of spring 2018.

❖ Some of the Hacken team members are on a worldwide tour enhancing brand awareness and representing Hacken services at different conferences throughout Asia. While the UAE is set to be home to the new Hacken headquarters, the team is also considering agency in China.

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