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Request Network announces partnership with PwC France and Francophone Africa

Strengthening their leading role in the future of Professional Services made possible by the blockchain revolution.

Blockchain technology has become one of the most talked about and disruptive technologies of the last decade, leading to a surge in permissionless innovation and increased R&D in all other revolutionary use-cases the distributed ledger technology can offer to businesses at a global level. Allowing for unprecedented possibilities in making critical business processes more secure, transparent and efficient, the Request Network Foundation has formed a partnership with the PwC France and Francophone Africa Blockchain Lab. This partnership will shape and collectively develop the future of professional services, taking a leading role in offering solutions to clients’ needs of on-boarding blockchain to their business practices.

“Today we’re taking a chance to experience new opportunities, new technology, new type of management, new mindset of living together, share and collaborate: this is exactly what Blockchain promises to us” said Marie Line Ricard, Partner, Blockchain Lab Leader, PwC France

The future of professional services is developed today

As one of the Big Four professional services networks, PwC is experiencing a surge in demand for blockchain transformation. The partnership between PwC France and Francophone Africa and the Request Network Foundation will serve as a centre of excellence, accelerating R&D and increasing adoption of real world financial blockchain solutions. Having shared interests and advanced knowledge in blockchain development, both teams work closely together to enable clients to be at the forefront of the blockchain revolution.

Christophe Lassuyt, Co-Founder, Request Network Foundation stated “We are glad to form a partnership with the PwC France Blockchain Lab, creating a bridge between the corporate and blockchain industries. This partnership facilitates industries to innovate and adopt financial solutions using blockchain technology.”

A thought leadership group, consisting of members from both PwC France and Francophone Africa and the Request Network Foundation, will bring in-depth blockchain expertise to clients. The group cooperates to envision and shape the future of professional services, by sharing their respective research and development.


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