Young entrepreneur sets sights on the eGaming Industry

Ever wanted to earn a living from the games you play or be rewarded for head to head gaming?

Tech startup Gamico is making this dream a reality. Gamico uses its own token system and blockchain technology to enable gamers to host matches, livestreams and challenges to help them make a living whilst playing their favorite games. The platform is working with a number of game genres from action games to casual mobile games and currency earned will be able to be traded for high value cryptocurrencies. The platform also allows gamers to acquire new followers and open doors for new sponsors and partners.

The first version of the platform will launch in September 2018 with 14 games already on board; League of Legends, FIFA, NBA 2K18 and Tetris to name but a few.

Gamico allows gamers to monetize their skills and their time, develop their careers and take their places in the eSports market.

Currently, the gaming economy is skewed. Only the top 3% of gamers receive 90% of the investment and sponsorship. There is also a high barrier to entry for anyone else looking to make money from gaming. With the introduction of Gamico, gamers can play any games they want, and solely focus on their gaming skill, while fulfilling their dream of having a lucrative career playing their favourite games. From head to head battles to single player tournaments Gamico is hoping to democratize paid gaming experiences for all.

In 2016 the eSports market was valued at over $493m, and revenue from eSports games is expected to reach $1.49bn by 2020. Gamico’s team is hoping to take its share of the market with its ambitious startup.

The platform is the brainchild of serial young entrepreneur, 21-year-old Pak Hou Chau, a successful founder with four other businesses already under his belt. He sold his first, Breakthrough Advertisement which supported small businesses with their advertising, whilst in his teens. He is based in Hong Kong and works internationally.

He says: “Gamico is not just a concept or a dream – the first version of Gamico is already under development and will be released in September 2018 with 14 hit/classic games, namely: League of Legends, DOTA 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Street Fighter, Clash of Royale, Hearthstone, FIFA, NBA 2K18, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), and Tetris. With Gamico 1.0, users will be able to create and own official gamer profiles, join tournaments, challenge other players head up, and verify their match results via our blockchain technology. Users will also be able to take part in freeroll tournaments to win up to 2 million free GMC tokens before our token is listed in exchanges.”

Gamico’s private sale of its token system, GMC (Gamicoin), has now begun and it ends on 14th April 2018. 60,000,000 GMC have been allocated with a soft-cap of 600 ETH. Purchasers who participate early will receive bonus GMC. Holders of GMC post ICO will benefit from an increase in the price of GMC, as demands for the token increase. The only way for any player to play on Gamico is to buy tokens, so as the platform acquires more users and integrates with more games, the team expect the price of GMC to appreciate, giving early adopters more playing power.

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