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Essentia.One in Talks with the Netherlands Government for Blockchain Solutions for border control

Essentia One, the world’s first data management framework based in Amsterdam, is paving the way in blockchain technology to solve complex border control issues with their talks with the Dutch Government. “Where some people see problems, we see challenges, which then motivates us to develop a solution” says Matteo, Essentia co-founder and Chairman of The Internet of Blockchain Foundation.

Essentia team  comprised of  Mirco Mongiardino (co-founder), Bedros Awanesian (Head of Business Development), and Erik van der Staak (Essentia Advisor) were invited to a joint meeting with two Dutch Ministries (the Ministry of Justice & Security and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water (Transport)) hosted by the Ministry of Justice & Security.

During the session, the Essentia team shared their vision and ideas on how blockchain technology can be leveraged for border control. More precisely, how Dutch authorities could utilize the Essentia framework for incorruptible identity management with travelers aboard the international Eurostar rail service between Amsterdam and London.

Essentia explained their thorough analysis of the situation with Eurostar and proposed a practical interim solution to the two Dutch Ministries. The proposal detailed how the Essentia framework, using blockchain as its underlying technology, can improve the current identification process.

“Using Essentia,” explained Micro and Matteo “all four countries connected by the Eurostar service (the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom) have the opportunity to independently and remotely identify the passengers and confirm whether they have been approved for boarding. This allows for rapid, remote control of which travelers are allowed to enter a target country, based on entry requirements.”

The Ministry expressed great enthusiasm for the Essentia proposal and recognized the outstanding potential. Essentia displayed such promise that a further request was made by the Ministries to prepare more blockchain-based proposals for border control nationwide across the Netherlands. As of today, Essentiais in discussion with Dutch Ministries regarding the implementation of a pilot, for the facilitation of identity management at border crossings throughout the country.

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