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Citowise, an innovative Blockchain Payment Gateway

Citowise is a new platform that aims to address the increased need for security, speed and scalability of cryptocurrency transactions.

The primary purpose of Citowise is to make other blockchain-based companies perform better. It addresses the difficulty associated with exchanging tokens between buyers once a campaign has concluded, an obstacle that has prevented many from investing in ICOs.

The proposed solution will not only benefit distributed ledger companies and their ICOs, but it will greatly assist users as well. Through Citowise, more people will be able to invest in and interact with ICOs that run off blockchain technology.

According to Citowise’s whitepaper, the existing products on the market do little to address these concerns and reduce the problem.

The platform provides a wallet that allows users ultimate control of their funds, and its functionality is divided between personal and business clients. Both types of clients are able to enjoy the service for free. However, business users can also have access to premium services like a web-payments gateway and can setup charity campaigns or in-app purchases.

There are different wallets compatible with Android, iOS, and Desktop platforms, each of which has the ability to convert ERC20 tokens from partnered ICOs into a number of other cryptocurrencies.

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